We combine big firm-level consulting,
creative agency-level branding and website creation
that strikes a powerful chord with your audience.

We've spent the last 5 years developing a proven system.

WE build businesses and brands for coaches and consultant, and deliver a unique and powerful sales-oriented website

all in just one week. 

The Brand in A Week Package

"THE BLUEPRINT" Business Consulting

Specifically Designed for Coaches and Consultants

Your business model and positioning will be created over the course of a 2-day intensive immersion. You'll walk away with a full featured business blueprint laying out your strategic plan, your perfect positioning to attract your ideal client, and an implementation plan to take your business to the next level. 

Gorgeous Original Branding

Your perfect client will see you the way you see yourself.

You will be proud to send clients to anything you have either online or offline with gorgeous cohesive branding.

Compelling Messaging & Sales Copy

Copy so good, you'll want to buy your own stuff.

We've worked with the industry's best copywriters to learn how to capture your authentic voice and direct your perfect clients to take action fast. 

Iconic Photography

Shots you’d be proud to have on the cover of a best-selling book.

Alannah has done the exclusive branding portraits of thought leaders and visionaries from around the world, and her clients have gone on to use her photography to showcase their best-selling books, products, and albums. 


Simple and Beautiful Website

Hassle-Free, Headache-Free and Easy to use.

We use industry-leading website solutions to build you a low-maintenance, highly designed website that prominently features your custom iconic photography, business model proposition and a way for your clients to sign up right on the spot. It's everything you need to launch your business. 


2-Day Immersion Session + Business Blueprint

Days 1-2


We will work hand-in-hand with you on your business for two days.

You show up with an idea, a business or just a concept, and together we lay out the plan. We understand what your vision is, and we keep you in integrity with it. Using resources you have at your disposal, we put together a plan of action for your business, understand your market and your competition and we map out a full positioning and branding strategy.

  • We will dive deep into the elements that put you on the map in the first place.

  • We'll look at what’s going on in your business, and extract the most compelling pieces that will make your market quiver with anticipation to work with you.

  • We will create original content that reflects the truly compelling nature of you and your business.

  • We will help you build out your primary offer so you actually have something you can start selling right away.


Days 3-6


Alannah will pick up her camera and Jamie will dust off his pen.

Before you leave your 2-day immersion, you will be the object of Alannah's famous "7-minute Iconic photo session". Don't let the seemingly short timeframe fool you! At that same time, Jamie will begin mapping out the messaging structure for your website and by the end of the 2nd day, we will have an agreement of what your website will be. Alannah and Jamie will continue on the 3rd day with messaging and visual branding and we will have a style guide proof sent to you for review before the end of the 4th day for approval.

  • We write your copy for you. We will write gripping headlines, compelling copy and persuasive calls to action to really drive your offer home.

  • Alannah will treat you to her special “7-Minute” photography session, and we make an icon out of you.

  • Leigh will build you a style guide with proposed logo, fonts and colors for review
  • We will begin development on your site, applying the branding and making something real. 



Day 7


We put it all together into a website that will blow you away.

We begin laying out your website according to the strategy developed in Step 1, and apply the styling and messaging from Step 2. We will connect with you about once per day for a brief update and request any missing information or clarification. At the end of 7 days, we will present you with your brand new website, complete with integrations, final style guide and 1-page strategy report.  You and Jamie have the option of conducting a brief training session then or schedule one for later.

  • Jamie will make sure all the systematic elements are in place like your branded email, your mailing system, your scheduling system and your Paypal integration to receive payment.

  • Then we put it all together on a Squarespace website that is super easy to update and edit later, if you feel another pivot coming on.

  • Then we turn it on, and send you on your way with your fresh new brand.

Get Your Brand Built
For You In One Week.

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